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23 August 2018


To celebrate the launch of my new book ALWAYS DELICIOUS, Favourite Recipes from the NZ Listener, there will be a few exciting events around the country with Food Talks with local food heroes and opportunities to buy signed copies of this delicious new book..


*29 September: The Farmers Daughter, Omaha Beach Food Talk with Kelli Brett of Cuisine magazine and book signing. Canapes, Ora King Salmon, and a glass of Saint Clair wine with fascinating food and recipe chatter. 5pm to 6.30pm. $20pp.

To book please email


*1 October: Cook the Books, Ponsonby Food Talk with the witty and talented chef Sunday Star food writer, Sam Mannering.
Canapes, Ora King Salmon, a glass of Saint Clair wine and fascinating food chatter. 6.30pm. $5pp.

To reserve a space please contact


*9 October Poppies Bookstore, 83 Picton St, Howick Meet Lauraine and talk food matters and trends in an instore book signing, with Ora King Salmon, refreshments. 6pm to 7.30pm

rsvp or ph 09 532 9642


*13 October Book signing and sales at the Matakana Farmers Market in conjunction with The Village Bookshop 8am to 11am.


*16 October: Fairfield House, 48 Van Diemen Street, Nelson Food Talk with local food writer Nicola Galloway A glass of Saint Clair wine, Ora King salmon on Nicola’s sourdough and plenty of vital food chatter Tuesday 16 October 12.30 p.m.

RSVP: | 03 548 9992


*17 October: Dinner at Arbour Restaurant, Blenheim Four course dinner, inspired by Always Delicious, with Ora King Salmon, wine matches and an entertaining Food Talk with Ivan Sutherland, Margaret Sutherland and James Healey of Dog Point wines and Lauraine Jacobs. 6.30pm $165 includes a copy of the book

To book go to


*8 November: Olivers at Clyde Meet Lauraine Jacobs over a glass of Quartz Reef wine and canapes as she indulges in Food Talk with Fleur Sullivan of Fleur’s Place in Moeraki. 5pm to 6.30pm

For tickets, email ph 03 449 2805


*10 November, Saturday: Florence’s Food Store, Wanaka 3pm Afternoon Tea with a glass of Maude Brut NV and food, including Ora King Salmon, inspired by Always Delicious. Lauraine Jacobs will be joined in some interesting Food Talk by the wonderful Sharyn Mathias. A donation on all books sold will go The Children's Medical Trust. $45.00

To book: email


*11 November Sunday: Sherwood, 554 Frankton Rd, Queenstown Lauraine will hold a fireside chat about all things tasty in Food Talk with local hero chefs Fishbone's Darren Lovell and Sherwood's Ainsley Rose Thompson Saint Clair wine and canapes will be served. 4pm to 5.30pm

Tickets $10 from

22 June 2015


This should be a great night. Duck is everyone's favourite and there will be tastings and wine.

Book now at

Or phone 09 632 1404

6 March 2015


Thrilled to be judging and speaking at the following;

  • 12 to 14 March 2015; GLAMMIES.

Judging the BEST lamb in New Zealand at the Glammies, to be held at the Upper Clutha A&P Show, Wanaka.

  • 4 May 2015; CONVERSATIONZ

Speaking at ConversatioNZ, a unique meeting of leading passionate hospitality and culinary minds in Christchurch.

  • Monday 11 May; STEAK OF ORIGIN

Judging and MC for this annual competition to find NZ's best beef. At Awapuni Raceway, Palmerston North.

  • 7 June 2015; TEN FOR MERCY HOSP ICE

MC for this amazing fundraising Brunch for Mercy Hospice at the PULLMAN HOTEL, Auckland. Sorry, all tables sold out.

19 December 2013


The overall trend of this the 2013 cookbook collection seems to be to encourage simple cooking. Not many glossy books from chefs have appeared; publishers know cooks want everyday ideas for easy meals that are healthy and provide energy for the family. Even chefs cook at home.

Books with the most appeal are those with plenty of tips and hints to assist the cook. The stories behind the recipes are important too, as many readers now stack their books on the bedside table to read like a bedtime tale. I hope they make it into the kitchen occasionally!

A well chosen cookbook makes an ideal Christmas gift. My personal philosophy; recipes are all gifts, for once you cook a recipe it becomes your own; the gift of the food writer to you.

Top New Zealand Picks

Alice in Baking Land by Alice Arndell, (Harper Collins $49.99)

In a year of many beautiful baking books, this one stands apart. Arndell produces mouth-watering baking with highly original spins on well-loved classics like Neapolitan layer cake, and cupcakes with beer or pinot noir. A former contestant of a television national baking competition, her passion comes across strongly, with ‘How To’ sections explaining many baking techniques clearly and concisely, accompanied by photos. Each recipe is a delight.

Cut by Josh Emett, (Random House $65)

Focussed on sophisticated yet approachable recipes, this will delight meat lovers. Our favourite television food judge and chef of multiple restaurants dishes up a host of recipes for both common and uncommon cuts of pork, beef, lamb, chicken and venison, and also includes rabbit, quail, veal recipes and some very delicious pies. Added bonuses are every recipe is a complete dinner solution and stunning moody photography by .

Julie Biuso at Home by Julie Biuso, (New Holland $59.95)

One of our most experienced recipe writers Julie Biuso has created a record of the dishes her family loved most, a bonus for everyone who has followed her career in her magazine work. It is crammed with more than 270 family favourites, and has a useful section providing tips and notes for cooks. There has always been a strong Italian influence in her cooking but this is a comprehensive selection of finely tuned internationally and locally inspired recipes for every occasion.

Ladies a Plate, Jams & Preserves by Alexa Johnston, (Penguin $47)

Known for studious, careful research and a love of food history, it is no surprise Alexa Johnston has looked beyond the baking of her previous titles in the Ladies A Plate series. She has gathered recipes and techniques needed for home preserving from fruit jams to pickled eggs. Anyone who fancies making their own favourite sauces, jams and chutneys will revel in this book as the explanations and tips are clearly and well written. Each section starts with a fantastic ‘basics’ with sensible advice and tips to ensure success.

Limited Edition Cookery by Laura Faire, (Laura Faire $115)

Laura Faire, food writer for the Sunday Star Times, lives a sustainable life, tending her garden and nurturing her young family. Self-published, with a print run of only 1000 copies, the beautifully produced book will no doubt become a collector item. Limited Edition is a volume of her favourite recipes, with several pages hand finished and each copy hand-wrapped and signed. Arranged seasonally, the recipes are healthy, simple and accompanied by Faire’s evocative musings on food, garden and the ethics of sustainability.

Nadia Lims Good Food Book by Nadia Lim, (Random House $49.99)

Since winning Masterchef, Nadia Lim has proved a worthy winner of the title. In her second book she has gathered a collection of simple healthy recipes that will be welcome in every busy household. Her background in nutrition will assure cooks that this food, whether served for breakfast, lunch or dinner will be packed full of the grains, fruits, vegetables and other daily requirements needed for a healthy life.

Top International Picks

30 Years at Ballymaloe by Darina Allen, (Kyle Books $75)

Darina Allen of Ballymaloe Cookery School has been one of the major influences on the Irish food scene. Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the school, readers get an extensive peek into the riches of Ireland’s artisans, producers and connections to the life at Ballymaloe. There are interesting stories and splendid photos of one of the best cooking schools in Europe, along with more than 100 superb recipes. (Available from mid-December)

Eat: The Little Book of Fast Food by Nigel Slater, (4th Estate $49.99)

The inimitable Mr Slater has done it again. Much loved for his simple approach to food and clever writing, he has produced a handsome and easily handled little book packed with innovative meal ideas. He has dropped the usual format of recipe with lists of ingredients in favour of what he calls ‘extended tweets.’ Arranged by cooking style – ‘in the hand, little stews, in a wok’ and more - this is the book you will want for simple, tasty and comforting dinner solutions.

Love, Bake, Nourish by Amber Rose, (Kyle Books $45)

There is much to love about this book. Author Amber Rose grew up in New Zealand at Koanga Gardens where her mother, Kay Baxter, had a passion for heritage plants and gardening. Such an upbringing shines through these original and appealing baking recipes that emphasise flavour, fruits and their relation to the seasons. Ali Allen produces photography that is delicate and pretty, just like the author’s cakes and puddings.

My Little French Kitchen by Rachel Khoo, (Penguin $50)

Following the success of My Little Paris Kitchen, Rachel Khoo has branched out to present a second book that covers her trips to little villages and towns beyond the city. It’s interesting and appealing with loads of wonderfully diverse recipes included with lovely notes and illustrations of regional dishes and the specialty foods and customs she uncovered. Bright, breezy and delicious.

Simply Good Food by Neil Perry, (Murdoch Books $59.99)

One of Sydney’s best chefs, Neil Perry shares simple, produce-driven recipes that express his love of the multicultural cooking Australians are currently embracing. Family favourites for dinner ideas range from simple pasta and a variety of meat dishes to Asian, Mediterranean and Mexican feasts and tempting puddings. Earl Carter’s photography is superbly and stylish.

The New Classics by Donna Hay, (4th Estate $69.99) Packed with Donna Hay chic recipes this huge volume almost needs a weightlifter to manoeuvre it. Filled with new classics recipes, there’s lots to inspire family cooking and entertaining for friends. Stunning photography, accompanied by clear concise instructions, has made this author a household name in our part of the food world. A must for young cooks and Donna Hay fans.

For the side bar

Fundraising Book of the Year

Share, Women for Women International, (Kyle Books distributed by New Holland $59.99)

Women for Women International is a charitable organisation that enables women in some of the most war-ravaged countries of Africa and central Asia to rebuild their lives and communities. Simple yet delicious healthy recipes were contributed to the book by an international line-up of chefs, humanitarians and others actively engaged in a range of causes. Beautifully photographed feasts are interspersed with heart-warming stories of the women who have turned their lives around, and recipes from their countries. The presentation and originality sets this book ahead of most books I have encountered this year. Better still, 100% of the publisher’s profits are sent directly to W f W.

First published in the NZ Listener where I write the weekly food column.

27 May 2013


Auckland Writers and Readers Festival, Friday 17 May, 4pm

By Helen Lehndorf

Launched just three weeks ago, Lauraine Jacobs� new book Everlasting Feast is the best kind of food memoir, one with lush food photography (by Elizabeth Clarkson) and some of her signature recipes. (All the flowers in the book are from Lauraine�s own garden.)

Lauraine Jacobs wrote for Cuisine magazine for many years and now writes for The Listener. In her new book, Lauraine tells colourful stories from her rich career in food and food writing in a way which is both educational and lively.

Lauraine has previously published ten recipe books and so felt with this book it was time to do something a bit different, to bring her love of story-telling together with her passion for food. Through close telling of her own journey with food, Lauraine explores the country�s journey in food since the 1950s. In this session, Lauraine spoke engagingly about both the national and international food scenes with a wry sense of humour and a sharp intelligence.

The book covers Lauraine�s life from a five-year old Brownie and is a very Auckland book, featuring the various places around the city where Lauraine has lived and worked. Lauraine has encountered many notable food writers in her career, especially through her involvement with the International Association of Culinary Professionals, which she first joined, then eventually chaired. Through the Association she met Julia Childs, who she said was a spirited raconteur who would often still be telling stories in the bar at 1am, a woman who truly earned her legendary title and who bought real cooking back to America in an era of Betty Crocker packet foods and tuna casseroles made with cans of Campbell�s soup.

Lauraine spoke passionately about the importance of starting our cooking from fresh, seasonal produce. In her book she writes in depth about her favourite ingredients: lemons, herbs, butter and salt.

She said her favourite quick meal is fresh fish with salad, which is a lovely fusion of those four ingredients � the lemon and butter enliven the fish, the salad is bought to life with lemon, herbs and salt. Lauraine somewhat controversially declared that �most New Zealand butter is rancid on the shelf�, that the paper packaging does not adequately keep it fresh and that for years she has bought Danish butter because it is cultured butter and as such tastes fresher. The local exception to this being Louis Road Creamery butter, which has caused her to buy local butter again. According to Lauraine, the best way to treat butter is to cut it into small cubes at the time of purchase, wrap them in foil, freeze and take out as required. She also believes that our local olive oils are better than most imports.

When asked by a member of the audience for what she considered one of her signature dishes, she chose her Red Salad (shown above) a salad developed for a special Christmas issue of Cuisine magazine, which she believes to be one of her most successful recipes. This recipe features in the new book.

When asked what the next trend would be in food, and she spoke hilariously about cake trends �Cupcakes are dead. Macarons have now been over done. Whoopie Pies never gained traction. Next up is the artisanal eclair.� She recently travelled to San Francisco and encountered beautiful eclairs there made with rich chocolate ganache and paper-thin pieces of dark chocolate as an embellishment. Apparently, the eclair is also on the rise in Paris, so we can expect to see them appearing in New Zealand cafes soon.

Lauraine was also asked what her �Desert Island Cookbook� would be and she cited Constance Spry�s 60 year old The Constance Spry Cookery Book because it contains solid recipes for everything from casseroles to jams, but a more recent book which has inspired her is the Ottolenghi: The Cookbook.

According to Lauraine, one of the biggest changes in New Zealand food is how often we shop for ingredients now, the notion of �the weekly shop� is dying and people are shopping at supermarkets on average four times a week now.

I really enjoy people with strong opinions plainly spoken, and Lauraine Jacobs delivered on this front. She is clearly a deeply intelligent person, with both an artistic flair for beautiful food and the analytical, forward thinking mind of someone who is always looking to the future of the food industry, how it might improve and change. This was an excellent, educational session and the hour flew by in an instant.

15 April 2013



  • Wed April 17, 6pm to 7pm, New World Remuera, Clonbern Rd, REMUERA. Everybody welcome to share and celebrate over a glass of wine at the Auckland Book Launch of Everlasting Feast.

  • Fri April 19, 8.45am, Breakfast TV One. Tune in when I will be sharing tastes from the book and talking with hosts Toni Street & Rawdon Christie.

  • Fri April 19, 7pm, Omaha Beach Golf Club Dinner. OMAHA BEACH Celebrate the launch of Everlasting Feast at the clubhouse with a three course dinner from Everlasting Feast cooked by Kats Kitchen. Tickets $25 from the OBGC phone 09 422 7551.

  • Saturday April 20, 7.15am, Radio Live. Tune in to catch me talking food with host supremo, Helen Jackson.

  • Saturday April 20, 10am to 12 noon, Village Bookshop, MATAKANA. I will be signing books and talking about food, at the best little bookshop in the north.

  • Monday April 22, 1pm, National Radio, Trip to Mars. Listen in as I voyage to Mars with Jim Mora.

  • Friday April 26, 1pm -4pm, The Everlasting Lunch at Black Estate, SH1 Waipara, CANTERBURY. A three course celebration lunch with delicious wine matches. Limited tickets $80 from

  • Saturday April 27, 6.30pm, Everlasting Dinner at Pen Y Bryn Lodge, OAMARU. Join me for a stunning three course dinner with dishes from Everlasting Feast and sumptuous wines. To book; or by phone on (03) 434 7939.

  • Wednesday 1 May, Dinner at Grange Rd Cafe 100 Grange Rd. TAURANGA
    Three course celebration dinner. Limited tickets from the cafe ph 07 576 3660.

  • Thursday 2 May, Dinner at District Espresso & Eatery, 19 Home Straight, Te Rapa, HAMILTON. Three course celebration dinner. Limited tickets from the eatery, ph 07 849 6785.

  • Friday 3 May, 4.30pm, Taste Matakana, Mills Lane WARKWORTH Book signing, food tales and chatter with a glass of wine. Call Andrea on ph 09 425 0302

  • Tuesday 7 May, 12 noon, Authors Lunch, Soul Bar & Bistro, Viaduct Harbour, AUCKLAND Three course lunch with recipes from Everlasting Feast and a glass of wine. Bookings at Soul, ph 09 356 7249

  • Thursday 9 May, 6pm to 7.30pm Time Out Bookshop, Mt Eden Village, AUCKLAND Join me for a glass of wine and food talk and tales upstairs at this superb bookshop. (Just in time for Mothers Day gifts!) Free event but rsvp essential ph 09 630 3331 or

  • Sunday 12 May Mothers Day, Blenheim Books & Bubbles Mother's Day "High Tea Tarts for Tea" Join me with Paper Plus book ambassador Kerre McIvor for a Mother's Day event featuring high tea with leading female authors! It will be an afternoon of fun, hilarity and spot prizes, with a decadent high tea and bubbles on arrival. Marlborough Convention Centre, Blenheim Sunday, 12th May 2013 2pm - doors open 1.45pm $45.00 Ticket from includes high tea and bubbles on arrival

  • Friday 17 May, 4pm to 5pm, Auckland Writers & Readers Festival The Everlasting Feast; The Festival food queen, Lauraine Jacobs, communes with another foodie Graham Beattie in the wake of her recently published memoir Everlasting Feast. Interweaving food with her life story, Jacobs sheds light on both. Tickets from or ph 09 375 3355

21 March 2013


My book launch for Everlasting Feast is on Wednesday 17 April. Everyone is invited. Where? New World, Remuera from 6pm to 7pm.

More events to be announced very soon.

12 August 2012


I am thrilled to announce I will be giving my DUCK & PINOT masterclass at The Food Show Christchurch.

See the post below for a run down on what I will be doing.

Date: Saturday 15 September

Time: 12.30pm to 1.30pm

Cost: $50

To book:

30 April 2012



Join me for the definitive Masterclass on duck and pinot noir at THE FOOD SHOW AUCKLAND

"Love duck, but not sure how to deal with it? Love wine, and like to find good food matches? In this intensive Masterclass, I will talk you through everything you need to know to produce delicious duck dishes. I ’ll share secrets for preparing her favourite duck recipes, show you how to prepare twice roasted duck, including halving a whole duck and removing the carcass bones, and explain how to achieve very crispy skin and moist duck breast. Duck tastings will be paired with pinot noir to give you a chance to taste this magical combination."

This is an exclusive amd intimate class, limited to only 50.

Once only opportunity Tickets $50 (with goody bag) from

13 April 2012


Not to be missed.Please join me for this inspiring and delicious event



A celebration of love, food and family, this pre Mothers’ Day High Tea treat brings together winning cooks and food writers to talk about how food comforts and nourishes, and how giving and sharing food is an act of love, providing joy, solace and security.

Set in the wonderful surrounds of the five star Langham Hotel, this event brings together Australian food writer and novelist Charlotte Wood (Love and Hunger), Fleur Sullivan (Fleur), owner of Moeraki’s world famous Fleurs Place, and Auckland cook Natalie Oldfield (Dulcie May’s Kitchen) as they chat about the love at the heart of their food and writing with Lauraine Jacobs, one of New Zealand’s most accomplished cooks and food writers.

Event Details Date: Saturday 12 May 2012 Time: 03:30 p.m. - 05:00 p.m. Venue: THE LANGHAM AUCKLAND Category: SPECIAL EVENTS Price: Standard $55, Patrons $44