Lauraine Jacobs

Food Writer and Author of Delicious Books

The Confident Cook

The Confident Cook

Dubbed the ‘high priestess’ of the international food and wine scene by world-famous Chicago restaurateur Charlie Trotter, Lauraine Jacobs is a tireless and vivacious champion of our fabulous artisan food producers and of regional specialty foods throughout the country.

Now, the long-standing Cuisine food editor, food award judge and restaurant reviewer has gathered together her favourite recipes into her first-ever solo cook book, The Confident Cook, released in November 2006.

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Praise for “The Confident Cook”

I would easily classify Lauraine Jacobs as the high priestess of the international food and wine scene. The Confident Cook brilliantly serves up the ideas, recipes and thoughts that have propelled her to become one of the true leading lights of the gastronomic world. It’s one thing to merely love all things food and wine with an extreme exuberance, but quite another to have professorial knowledge on the matter. Thank you, Lauraine, for this incredible and inspiring work from the heart!
— Charlie Trotter

Lauraine has done New Zealand proud. New Zealand food and wine lovers will feel a glow of pride at this collection of lovely recipes that does justice to New Zealand’s excellent produce, including its outstanding wines. The photographs are delightfully evocative. And visitors will be steered towards the very best wherever they find themselves.
— Stephanie Alexander

A big beautiful cookbook from the food editor of Cuisine magazine; you’ve got to have it!
— NZ Women’s Weekly

The recipes are clear and simple, the pictures divine. Confidence inspiring, indeed.
— Linda Herrick, New Zealand Herald

The Confident Cook is destined to become a New Zealand classic. Lauraine Jacobs has based the book on her mantra that if food is simple to prepare it will be simple to eat and your guests will love both the food and you.
— Andrea Hinchco, Taste

Lauraine’s stated aim when writing recipes is ‘to inspire confidence’ and truly, she does. Memo to government think tanks: invent a Ministry of Food, put Lauraine Jacobs in charge and watch her transform our food chain.
— Kate Fraser, The Press

This is a significant New Zealand publication and one that should be in every thinking cook’s kitchen.
— Sally Butters, NZ House & Garden

If you treat yourself to one new cookbook for summer, it should be this excellent compilation of recipes by Lauraine Jacobs. I don’t think you can do much better than this: a book for New Zealanders…..bringing the best of ideas and produce to her own kitchen to put together dishes in her inimitable style.
— Denise Irvine, Waikato Times

Superb presentation, imaginative yet manageable recipes, and tributes to the New Zealand countryside from whence our produce comes blend winningly in an eye-catching book which can only inspire and revitalise cooks from all generations.
— Margaret Mayson, Timaru Herald

Several notable New Zealand food writers have released books of their favourite recipes this year. The best is Lauraine Jacobs’ The Confident Cook.
— Otago Daily Times

This is a beauty. Lauraine Jacobs’ food is deceptively simple. Her mantra is that good food doesn’t need to be complicated and her book proves this to be true.
— Ashburton Guardian