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Everlasting Feast

Everlasting Feast

My new food memoir, Everlasting Feast is a collection of 100 recipes, with food memories, opinions and stories — especially the latter.

The world of food is generous, and in this book I wanted to share the generosity, the stories and the excitement of the good food I’ve shared with family and friends, at home, at our beach house, and in cafés and restaurants everywhere. I just loved the idea of telling stories about some of our food, stories about some of the amazing producers, stories about some of the things that have been influential over the years and the things that have made our food what it is.

I’ve always been interested in and concerned about what and how we eat — the influences, changing trends etc. If you have a true passion for food, you just want to go to the end of every story and find out the whole thing. I’ve always said there’s more to food writing than recipe writing. It’s the stories and social history that underpins them. So the book is filled with opinions, stories and food tales from my life.

The recipes are some of my all-time favourites; recipes that are simple to make, simple to eat and food that your family and friends will love. More than half of the 100 recipes have been brilliantly photographed by Elizabeth Clarkson and beautifully styled by Kate Arbuthnot. And the pages are enhanced by shots of flowers, all cut from my garden and flowers and food are central to my life.

Everlasting Feast is published by Random House. It is a hardback at $55, 360pp and can be purchased from all bookstores. If you want personally signed copy, contact .