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7 January 2021


Summer is a time for fun and I am always happy when the weather gods permit my husband to take off in his boat towards Hauturu Island to hopefully and helpfully catch some fresh fish. (Yay for Knowing My Fisherman!)

Yesterday was such a day and he was back in a few hours with his permissible catch of seven snapper – enough to feed a few neighbours and for me to make some tasty ceviche to nibble on while the barbecue did its magic on a sturdy piece of delicious beef prime rib.

I have had a few requests for my very simple recipe for the very fresh snapper so here goes:

*500g of filleted and skinned snapper fillets *1 very juicy local lime *flaky sea salt *small bunch of fresh chives, snipped into tiny pieces *2 tbsp Lot Eight infused fennel olive oil *1 tsp pink peppercorns

Using a very sharp knife, slice the ice cold fish thinly and lay out on a white platter. Grate the lime zest over the fish and then squeeze the lime juice over. Sprinkle a generous amount of flaky sea salt over the fish. Scatter the chives and peppercorns evenly over the fish. Finally drizzle the olive oil over everything and serve at once. If you want to prepare this ahead (no more than two hours) cover tightly with cling film wrap and refrigerate until serving. Serves 6 to 8 as a pre-dinner treat.